Defender 6 Ultimate - SilverCarb Plus Chlorine & 0.35 Micron 99.9% (D6-01)

Chlorine plus Very High Bacteria & Cyst Protection

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• Annual Cartridge Pack $635* • Sub-micron 0.35 filtration • Removes dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria, giardia, cysts • 1 micron Coconut Carbon Block • Removes/reduces chlorine, chemicals, pesticides

Defender 6 - Ultimate

The Defender 6 is our premium high flow filtration and volcanic mineral energising system designed to meet all your bathing, laundry
and kitchen needs.

Ultimate Volcanic Energiser

Our volcanic mineral process creates water that is ‰Û÷wetter‰Ûª so washing chemical and pesticide residue off fruits and vegetables is a breeze but the real benefits come from cooking in chlorine free water.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

In Europe, leading spas use volcanic mineral water therapy to treat a wide range of sensitive skin conditions. This pharmaceutical-free
alternative for skin treatment is recognised around the world for its superior benefits.

The Defender Ultimate brings the volcanic mineral spring to you and is built on years of experience working with Japanese Ministry of Health Bathing Spa‰Ûªs.


Instant Feedback

Multi-point pressure gauges offer a comprehensive view of cartridge performance to help to diagnose blockages and aid maintenance.



Dual Wall

A unique square cut cartridge seal inside a dual-wall channel to help prevent premature seal deformation and cartridge leaking.



Easy Self Service

Changing a cartridge, or by-passing the filter, is a breeze. Simple to use three-way valves isolate the filter so there is no need to shut-off the mains.


Quick Install

Flexible 316 stainless hoses simplify installation and reduce plumbing time. Lengths from 150 to 1500mm cater for all layouts.

UV Resistant

All cartridge housings are made from Ultra-Violet toughened materials. This ensures a longer life for critical cartridge housings.


Marine Grade

Stainless 316 marine grade bracket (made in Australia) will last for years in even the harshest of environments.


Everything Included

The Defender comes with all parts required to install and operate the system within hours including a 600kPa pressure limiting valve.


Quality Guaranteed

All our Defender systems use only the highest quality, fully certified and guaranteed components from Australia, USA and Italy. 


Customised Solutions

Using only global standard housings the Defender has access to the world‰Ûªs leading cartridge brands so it can be easily tailored to meet your specific filtration requirements.



Tested & Certified

The Defender range carries global NSF and WQA standards certification plus the additional assurance of Australian WaterMark.






Municipal Water

Unless otherwise stated all cartridges offered are sold and warranted for use with Municipal or Microbiologically safe water only. DO NOT USE ANY FILTER CARTRIDGES WITH WATER OF UNKNOWN QUALITY SUCH AS RIVER, LAKE. TANK OR WATER THAT IS MICROBIOLOGICALLY UNSAFE WITHOUT PRIOR STERILISATION AND/OR DISINFECTION.

If using untreated water you must ensure adequate maintenance and/or disinfection of your source water before introduction to filter(s). No Guarantees, whether express or implied, are made and we accept no liability for the operational effectiveness of these units. If you are in doubt as to the safety of your water supply, we recommend consultation with your local water testing laboratory.

Estimated Cartridge Life

Cartridges are designed to be replaced after 12-months or whenever rated volume has been exceeded.  Cartridge life may be shortened by water containing high levels of dirt or sediment. Poor quality water may cause filter cartridges to block prematurely at anytime. This warranty does not extend to premature blockages and shorter than average cartridge life due to poor water quality. In these circumstances, we recommend the installation of a specialist pre-filters for dirt and sediment or the regular replacement of filters on a shorter cycle.

Brand Wellness
Shipping Weight 22.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.250m
Shipping Height 0.830m
Shipping Length 0.640m
Shipping Cubic 0.132800000m3
Assembled Length 0.540m
Assembled Height 0.720m
Assembled Width 0.220m

Cartridges & Seals - 1 Year

All Point of Entry (POE) cartridges carry a one-year warranty‰ÛÊ covering material defects and manufacturing faults. This warranty excludes cartridge blockages subject to incoming water quality.

Pressure Gauges & Valves - 3 Years

All gauges, pressure limiting and by-pass valves (excluding seals) carry a three-year warranty covering material defects and manufacturing faults.

Housings & Bracket - 5 Years

All cartridge housings and brackets carry a five-year warranty covering material defects and manufacturing faults.

Volcanic Mineral Booster - 10 Years

Volcanic Mineral Booster is designed to last up to 10-years before servicing/replacement,

‰ÛÊ Warranty applies to municipal water use only. Terms and Conditions apply - see link for full details.

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