Series 9 PRO

The Series 9 PRO is our newest premium water filtration system combining our unique Wellness volcanic mineral enhancement process with advanced reverse osmosis technology.

This new filter takes the best features of the Series 5 PRO and improves on it with a smaller, simpler design that offers up to twice the flow rate (up to 2.2 litres per minute) of great tasting, fluoride free and remineralised drinking water. 

Besides producing some of the finest drinking water you will ever find, the Series 9 PRO uses the world's most advanced, super-efficient reverse osmosis membrane.


The Past

Many people who wanted fluoride-free water used to reject using reverse osmosis due to the length of time it takes to produce water and the large volume of waste an R/O membrane generates. In older R/O membranes up to five litres of water goes down the drain for every single litre of pure drinking water produced!


The Future - Less Water Waste

The new Pentair GRO (USA) is an entirely new type of high-performance membrane that removes all types of fluoride† and heavy metals, bacteria and viruses while producing pure water at a 1 to 1 ratio.  That's one litre of pure water for every one litre of waste.

More importantly, when combined with our unique Series 9 PRO design the Pentair GRO produces pure water at an incredible 0.8 litres of waste to 1 litre of pure. This is over a 75% reduction in wastewater compared to ordinary R/O systems.

But wait, there's more.....

75% Faster

Wasting less water means the Series 9 PRO also produces pure water faster. Up to four times faster than ordinary R/O systems.

A standard R/O can take over two hours to fill a standard tank. The Series 9 PRO can fill a standard tank (12 litres) in just 25-30 minutes!

Super fast water production means the Series 9 PRO can also use a much smaller holding tank, saving you valuable kitchen space under the counter.

Beyond class-leading reverse osmosis performance there is an additional feature of the  Series 9 PRO that takes water quality beyond that of all other reverse osmosis systems on the market.

Bringing Water Back to Life

Pure water used to be considered the best but many health and other professionals now believe that water stripped of all its minerals may not be so healthy after all.

The Series 9 PRO has four dedicated volcanic mineral energisation and pH boosting cartridges. These post-treatment cartridges add minerals and raise pH to an alkaline state bringing what was once tasteless and lifeless R/O water back to life.


† Fluoride removed includes; sodium fluoride, sodium silicofluoride and hydrofluorsilic acid.