Series 3

This is the replacement cartridge pack for the original Wellness S-III (Series 3).

We will continue to offer cartridges and support for Series 3 [discontinued 2008] customers worldwide but we highly recommend considering joining the thousands of users who have already upgraded to the new Series 5.

Series 5 - Upgrade Specials

The Series 5 offers several of advantages over the older Series 3;

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  • Upgraded Volcanic Booster - Better tasting water
  • Improved filtration - 0.2 microns vs 1 micron
  • Quick Change Cartridges - No Wrench - No Mess - No Fuss
  • Compatible - Easy retrofit to Series 3 Undersink installations
  • Upgradeable to PRO Plus
  • Fluoride Reduction - Cartridges for 85% Fluoride reduction

If you would like to find out more please log-in to your account to reveal upgrade specials available to existing Wellness Series 3 owners.