Mini-Defender 3 - ChlorPlus Chloramine 0.35 Micron Cartridge Pack (MD3-21)

Chloramine plus Very High Bacteria & Cyst Protection

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Chlorine or Chloramine

• Sub-micron - 0.35 filtration >99.99% • Removes dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria, giardia, cysts • 1 Micron Activated Carbon Block • Removes/reduces chlorarmine, chemicals, pesticides • NSF/WQA Certified

Chloramine, Chemical, Cyst & Bacteria Removal - 0.35 Microns Nominal

This cartridge pack is designed for users on water supplies containing chloramine or chlorine and provides very high levels of protection against a wide range of harmful waterborne contaminants.


All cartridges are manufactured by the world's leading companies and meet all required standards and certifications.

Q. What is the difference between Chlorine and Chloramine?

A: Chlorine used to be the only chemical used to disinfect water, but now many water treatment plants have been switching to chloramines. Chloramines are chlorine plus ammonia.  Removing chlorine with a standard carbon cartridge is easy but Chloramines are not affected and require specialist catalytic grade carbons.  Chloramine removing carbon is much more expensive than ordinary carbon.

Q. How do I find out if my water has chlorine or chloramine?

A: If you are unsure what chemical is being used on your water supply we recommend contacting your water utility.  Alternatively, contact us here and we can consult our database to see if we have your utility listed.  NOTE: Some water plants use both chemicals and switch during the year according to the season.  Chloramines in summer and Chlorine in winter.

Q. I am unable to get an answer from my water utility. What should I do?

A: If you are unable to find out if you are on chlorine or chloramine we recommend you choosing a Chloramine cartridge pack as this type of advanced carbon will remove both Chlorine and Chloramine.

Q. What is the difference between Nominal and Absolute filtration?

A: Most filters micron ratings are Nominal.  This means that the cartridge will remove >99.9% of particles of particles at the micron rating specified. An Absolute rated cartridge is tested to remove >99.99% of particles at the micron rating of the cartridge and 100% of particles rated at 200% of the micron rating.

Municipal Water

Unless otherwise stated all cartridges offered are sold and warranted for use with Municipal or Microbiologically safe water only. DO NOT USE ANY FILTER CARTRIDGES WITH WATER OF UNKNOWN QUALITY SUCH AS RIVER, LAKE. TANK OR WATER THAT IS MICROBIOLOGICALLY UNSAFE WITHOUT PRIOR STERILISATION AND/OR DISINFECTION.

If using untreated water you must ensure adequate maintenance and/or disinfection of your source water before introduction to filter(s). No Guarantees, whether express or implied, are made and we accept no liability for the operational effectiveness of these units. If you are in doubt as to the safety of your water supply, we recommend consultation with your local water testing laboratory.

Estimated Cartridge Life

Cartridges are designed to be replaced after 12-months or whenever rated volume has been exceeded.  Cartridge life may be shortened by water containing high levels of dirt or sediment. Poor quality water may cause filter cartridges to block prematurely at anytime. This warranty does not extend to premature blockages and shorter than average cartridge life due to poor water quality. In these circumstances, we recommend the installation of a specialist pre-filters for dirt and sediment or the regular replacement of filters on a shorter cycle.

Shipping Weight 3.2500kg
Shipping Width 0.240m
Shipping Height 0.240m
Shipping Length 0.520m
Shipping Cubic 0.022896000m3
Unit Of Measure ea

90-Day Limited Warranty

All Point of Entry (POE) cartridges carry a ninety-day warranty on material defects on municipal water supply only. This warranty does not extend to shortened cartridge life or premature blockages due to variations in quality of incoming water.

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