Series 5 PRO Plus Upgrade + 18 Litre Tank

High Performance - Fluoride Free - pH & Mineral Balanced

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Undersink Installation

Summary • Serves 5-7 people • Comprehensive fluoride and contaminant removal • Converts Series 5 Countertop to Series 5 PRO Plus • Stainless Steel Frame - Made in Australia • Excludes tap/faucet

PRO PLUS - Reverse Osmosis Upgrade

The PRO Plus Upgrade converts existing above counter or under sink Series 5 filters to the Series 5 PRO Plus for comprehensive fluoride removal and contaminant filtration.

For a full explanation of the benefits of the PRO Plus please see the Features tab.




Pentair GRO - Breakthrough Membrane Technology

The PRO Plus incorporates the new Pentair GRO - possibly the biggest breakthrough in reverse osmosis in over fifty years. 

In the past, many people have rejected reverse osmosis due to the length of time it takes to produce pure water and the enormous waste it generates.  Less advanced reverse osmosis membranes send a massive four litres of water down the drain for every one litre of drinking water produced.

Not anymore.

Super Efficient - Environmentally Friendly - Super Pure

The Pentair GRO produces pure water at an incredible 1 to 1 ratio - over a 75% reduction in waste water compared to ordinary R/O. But, the improvements don't stop here.

The PRO Plus has been designed with a unique, super quite recycling system that reduces this already low waste water even further, taking just 800ml of waste to produce 1 litre of pure water.

The recycling feature also increases the life and boosts the performance of the membrane. As a result, the Pentair GRO membrane lasts longer and produces water that is even more pure than a Pentair GRO without our recycling process.

Our Series 5 PRO Plus is simply better for you, your wallet and the environment.


400% Faster

Another amazing feature of the PRO Plus is its ability to produce pure water up to four times faster than ordinary R/O systems.

Standard R/O's can take over two hours to fill a standard holding tank.  The PRO Plus makes pure water so fast it can fill a standard tank (12 litres) in just thirty minutes!

Super fast water production rates means the PRO Plus can also use a much smaller holding tank, saving you valuable kitchen space under the counter.

Faster water in a smaller space.  Now that is a good idea!


Brand Wellness
Shipping Weight 10.4500kg
Shipping Width 0.210m
Shipping Height 0.530m
Shipping Length 0.380m
Shipping Cubic 0.042294m3
Unit Of Measure ea

The PRO Plus is coveredå_, including postage, for all parts and labour for the first year.

In addition, the following specific product warranties apply;

  • Pumps, Valves, Tanks & Membranes  - 3 years
  • Volcanic Mineral Cartridges (B,C,D) -  5 years
  • Filter base and Stainless housing -  10 years

We will repair or replace the above parts for as long as the filter system is maintained and cartridges replaced according to the recommended schedule.

1. Terms and Conditions apply - See tab for details.

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