Series 5 PRO PLUS R/O + 18 Litre Tank

High Performance - Fluoride Free - pH & Mineral Balanced

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Undersink Installation

• Recommended for 5-8 people • Up to 80% less waste water • Up to 400% faster pure water production • Removes >99.95% fluoride, chemicals, bacteria, cysts & heavy metals • Adds minerals & rebalances pH to alkaline

Fluoride Free Remineralised & pH Balanced

The Series 5 PRO Plus is is our high-performance reverse osmosis system. It is designed to produce pure, remineralised and alkaline pH-balanced water that is free from fluoride and other harmful contaminants.

It is available in a range of tank sizes to suit most families and small businesses.

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Breakthrough Membrane

The revolutionary Pentek GRO reverse osmosis membrane is the world's leading membrane with a filtration performance over 300% higher than ordinary membranes.



High-Quality US Cartridges

Using only high-quality US made Omnipure cartridges ensures that the performance of the R/O membrane is never compromised by lower quality and inferior cartridges.



Volcanic Mineral Balancer

After purification demineralised water is then passed through multiple long-life volcanic mineral cartridges. These are designed to return minerals and natural taste stripped during the R/O process.


Volcanic Mineral Energiser

The Series 5 PRO Plus incorporates our exclusive volcanic mineral water energising cartridge. This unique cartridge brings life back to water, making it wetter and more hydrating.


Alkaline pH Booster

Twin pH boosting cartridges add calcium and trace minerals to raise water pH from a demineralised acidic to healthy alkaline pH state.


75% Less Waste

The PRO Plus produces water 400% faster than ordinary R/O systems. This means it can use a smaller water storage tank. saving you valuable under counter space.


75% Faster Water

The PRO Plus produces water 400% faster than ordinary R/O systems. This means it can use a smaller water storage tank. saving you valuable under counter space.


Smaller Footprint

The PRO Plus produces water 400% faster than ordinary R/O systems. This means it can use a smaller water storage tank. saving you valuable under counter space.

Unique Recycling

An almost silent recycling pump reduces waste water even further and increases performance of the membrane so it lasts longer produces water that is even more pure.


Easy Self Service

Replacing cartridges in a filter has never been easier. No tools, plumbers or service technicians required. Simply twist, pull and replace. No mess. No fuss.


Bio-Safe Silver

Hoses have been impregnated with bio-safe silver to maintain a healthy environment and prevent bio-film.


Leak Detection & Control

The under sink kit includes an auto leak detection and shut-off system to ensure that if a leak event occurs the water supply is automatically shut off.


Australian Stainless

The PRO Plus housing is Australian designed and made using 304 stainless steel. It will not only last for years but also looks great.



Quality Push Fittings

The PRO Plus uses only quality UK made John Guest fittings to ensure ease of installation, service and reliability.


Tested & Certified

The Series 5 PRO Plus system uses only NSF and WQA standard tested cartridges plus it carries the additional assurance of Australian WaterMark.





Annual Cartridge Pack

The cartridge pack required to service this filter is the RCP-PRO-03.

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Municipal Water

Unless otherwise stated all cartridges offered are sold and warranted for use with Municipal or Microbiologically safe water only. DO NOT USE ANY FILTER CARTRIDGES WITH WATER OF UNKNOWN QUALITY SUCH AS RIVER, LAKE. TANK OR WATER THAT IS MICROBIOLOGICALLY UNSAFE WITHOUT PRIOR STERILISATION AND/OR DISINFECTION.

If using untreated water you must ensure adequate maintenance and/or disinfection of your source water before introduction to filter(s). No Guarantees, whether express or implied, are made and we accept no liability for the operational effectiveness of these units. If you are in doubt as to the safety of your water supply, we recommend consultation with your local water testing laboratory.

Estimated Cartridge Life

Cartridges are designed to be replaced after 12-months or whenever rated volume has been exceeded.  Cartridge life may be shortened by water containing high levels of dirt or sediment. Poor quality water may cause filter cartridges to block prematurely at anytime. This warranty does not extend to premature blockages and shorter than average cartridge life due to poor water quality. In these circumstances, we recommend the installation of a specialist pre-filters for dirt and sediment or the regular replacement of filters on a shorter cycle.

Brand Wellness
Shipping Weight 19.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.510m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 0.520m
Shipping Cubic 0.132600m3
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.300m
Assembled Height 0.400m
Assembled Width 0.630m

The PRO Plus is coveredå_, including postage, for all parts and labour for the first year.

In addition, the following specific product warranties apply;

  • Pumps, Valves, Tanks & Membranes  - 3 years
  • Volcanic Mineral Cartridges (B,C,D) -  5 years
  • Filter base and Stainless housing -  10 years

We will repair or replace the above parts for as long as the filter system is maintained and cartridges replaced according to the recommended schedule.

1. Terms and Conditions apply - See tab for details.

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