There is more to water filtration than just purity.
The right type of filtered water can promote better health

Welcome to Wellness, home to the World's leading volcanic mineral filtration system.​

If you are looking for a new filter for your home or business now is the time to look at upgrading to a revolutionary new type of water filtration technology.

“The change in the cells’ electromagnetic field [after drinking Wellness water] seems to create a shield around the cells, protecting them from free radical damage.... Of course, this effect has huge implications for anti-ageing medicine.”

B. Clement - Hippocrates Health Institute
West Palm Beach, Florida



Water by Nature

World class filtration technology combined with a scientifically designed volcanic mineral 'energising' cartridge replicates nature's own spring water process. This unique process gently transforms ordinary tap water into a great tasting, healthier, naturally enhanced water. 

Wellness water is 'wetter' and more hydrating than water produced by ordinary water filters, reverse osmosis systems and electric alkaline ionizers.  Our process even produces water that exceeds the quality of premium glass bottled waters.

"The Wellness Filter is the best water filter I have ever seen. The wave energy (negative ion antioxidants) are also the highest I have ever seen...

Dr. T. Hotta - Japan